Turning Transactions into Transformations

Promote 4 Good is part of the Doing Good Works family of businesses.  It was founded in response to the lack of resources and services provided for young people aging out of foster care.  We ensure that every purchase you make from Promote 4 Good impacts the life of a young person aging out of foster care.

Promote 4 Good Operates within the Doing Good Works 10 | 20 | 30 Model:

10% of gross profits go back to supporting programs for young people trasitioning out of care.

20% of our employee's time is spent in the community making the world a better place.

30% of our hiring comes from young people who have aged out of foster care.

It does not cost more to do good.  You can do it with the items you are already purchasing to market and promote your business.  Join us!


Logan Altman - Director of Customer Experience

Email: logana@doinggoodworks.com

Phone: 949-354-0400 x 105

James Padian - Customer Experience Lead

Email: jamesp@doinggoodworks.com

Phone: 949-354-0400 x 108


Hazel Petersen - Customer Experience Specialist

Email: hazelp@doinggoodworks.com

Phone: 949-354-0400 x 120


Samual Isaac Gunn - Dev Ops Analyst

Email: isaacg@doinggoodworks.com

Phone: 949-354-0400


It Doesn't Cost More To Do Good